Saturday, February 22, 2020

ISMG 3000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

ISMG 3000 - Essay Example This paper will therefore analyze the impacts of information technology in the governance of firm in relation to the case study â€Å"is there a smarter approach to IT governance?† The Accenture IT model is an essential model since enables researchers and businesses to identify or establish their business environment in relation to IT governance. According to the case study the Accenture model measures the effectiveness of existing and new IT policies within an organization. The model therefore enables businesses to measure their level of decision making in relation to their access to information technology. In addition, the model relies on a business’ competitive advantage and the value of IT. The model uses different parameters to classify different companies in to four categories. According to the given quadrants, Aclan can be considered as a responsive solution providing company. This is because the company can only realize competitive advantage over its competitors through efficiency in its production. Aclan produces metal-based products and therefore it is faced with the challenge of high cost of inputs and raw materials (A-G Magazine, Web). Effec tive IT governance models for the company will therefore, work by enhancing efficiency in production and operation. After identifying the category within which a firm or business fall within the governance model, the next step is to establish the decision category of IT governance. The Weill and Ross model of IT governance is based on accountability and desirable behavior for IT users. Organizing model and investment are the main governance style at Aclan. These governance styles have a close connection with Weill and Ross model of IT governance. Aclan Company uses a decentralized system of governance that has a high degree of rigidity. The main reason for having such a governance structure is to facilitate the production and marketing of the company’s products while maintaining as high degree

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