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Employment contract Essay

To raise a complaint at work the initial step is discussion to your line administrator, clarify the circumstance and check whether the issue can be explained casually. Assuming, be that as it may, the complaint can't be settled casually then the issue can be raised officially utilizing the accompanying technique: Stage 1 Workers may demand recorded as a hard copy a conventional gathering with the line administrator to express the complaint. Where the issue includes the line administrator, this solicitation ought to be made to the manager’s chief (zone director). Complaints ought to be made as quickly as time permits and in any occasion inside 3 months of the issue whined about occurring. A consultation will be orchestrated, regularly inside 10 working days, for the worker to talk about the issue with the chief. A choice will be made once the issue has been completely explored and the director will impart their reaction recorded as a hard copy inside 5 working days. This ought to incorporate subtleties of the employee’s option to claim. Stage 2 On the off chance that the worker is disappointed with the choice, at that point they have gotten in stage 1 then they can take their complaint further and demand recorded as a hard copy a conventional gathering under stage 2 of the complaint system. This will be led by a chief other than the supervisor that completed the stage 1 gathering. The worker will get the choice of this meeting recorded as a hard copy inside 5 working days. Stage 3 On the off chance that the worker is as yet disappointed with the choice, at that point they may offer recorded as a hard copy to the Chief Executive of the Trust inside 10 working long stretches of receipt of the stage 2 choice. A further gathering will occur and the choice will be affirmed recorded as a hard copy inside 5 working days of the meeting. The choice at stage 3 of the technique is conclusive, to the extent that the Trusts inside systems are concerned. Bv 1. Information Protection All private data ought to be kept secure by workers so as to ensure clients and their families. Classified data (for example client assistance plans, bolster notes and drug organization structures) must not be left in a spot where non-approved people may see it. Information ought not be given to anybody without the assent of the client or their closest relative. 2. Complaint Any complaints ought to be accounted for to the line administrator to attempt to determine the issue casually. Assuming, nonetheless, it isn't settled at this level then there is a complaint system set up which empowers representatives to seek after the issue officially. 3. Peace making In the event that representatives have an issue with another individual from staff and it can't be settled between themselves then they should contact their line chief for help with settling the issue. On the off chance that the contention includes the line administrator or in the event that the worker feels that they are not accepting sufficient help, at that point they should answer to the region chief. 4. Against oppressive Practice All workers are relied upon to act with pride and regard towards each person’s singular convictions and personality. Clients, getting to Oaklea care and bolster administrations, ought not be dealt with less well dependent on their; age, sex, incapacity, race, religion or conviction, sexual direction, conjugal status or pregnancy/maternity or sex. 5. Wellbeing and Safety All representatives have moral obligation in guaranteeing their own and others wellbeing, security, and government assistance at work. We are required to peruse and apply authoritative approaches and strategies with respect to wellbeing and security, attempt important preparing, wear individual defensive hardware (PPE) gave, use wellbeing gear and security gadgets where required and report any unsafe conditions to the line administrator or Health and Safety Officer. 6. Secrecy All data concerning clients as well as their families must be treatedâ with the highest regard and all representatives have a commitment to secure this data. Classified data must not be uncovered to an outsider either officially or casually (tattle). The sharing of data might be fundamental for continuation of good consideration and backing of clients (for example between different representatives or callings). On the off chance that workers are gotten some information about a client and are worried that doing so may break secrecy then explanation ought to be looked for through the line director. 7. Whistle blowing On the off chance that representatives need to raise worry about a hazard, misbehavior or bad behavior that influences others, for example, clients, other staff individuals, the organization or the open then the company’s whistleblowing strategy ought to be followed. The primary phase of this system is raise worries with the employee’s line director either recorded as a hard copy or through a gathering. In the event that the issue includes the line supervisor or if the representative has just raised their ~@ ?U: worries with the line director and feel that they have not been sufficiently tended to then the second phase of the strategy ought to be followed. At this stage, issues might be brought either up recorded as a hard copy or through a gathering with a Director. On the off chance that stage 2 has been embraced and the workers concerns are uncertain or on the off chance that they feel that the issue is not kidding to the point that it ought to be examined by the Chief Executive promptly then concerns ought to be brought either up recorded as a hard copy or by means of a gathering. Any representative raising worries under the whistleblowing method has the privilege to stay unknown. Bvi As a Community Home Carer, my job is to give individualized consideration and backing to individuals with social consideration needs so they may keep on living in their homes and in the network. A consideration plan is set up for every client that clarifies their particular needs and what care they require from us. My obligations/duties may include: Assisting clients with washing, washing, individual cleanliness, dressing, toileting, moderation and catheter care. Feast and drink planning and help with taking care of where important. Helping clients to follow their recommended drug and round out Medication Administration Records (MAR). Supporting customersâ with cleaning, clothing, shopping and other family unit obligations as required. Helping clients with portability aptitudes, moving them securely where required (for example from bed to seat) and helping them to utilize helps and individual hardware. Giving finish of life care. Reporting the consideration given at each visit in the Daily Support Notes (DSN). Liaising with different carers and medicinal services experts to guarantee congruity of care. Via doing these obligations to an exclusive expectation and adjusting to all strategies, systems and rules, clients will get a quality assistance that will assist them with maintaining however much freedom as could reasonably be expected in a protected domain inside their own homes. The shielding did via carers is fundamental in securing the wellbeing, prosperity and human privileges of powerless grown-ups, and guarantees that they live liberated from damage, misuse and disregard. It is our obligation to report any shielding worries to the proper person(s) with the goal that move might be made to ensure the prosperity of administration clients. Bvii a) Following best practice inside my work job assists with shielding powerless grown-ups living in the network and guarantees that they get a quality help that advances wellbeing and prosperity. It is significant that I remain inside my activity job, follow arrangements and techniques, stay up with the latest with changes in strategies and enactment and stay up with the latest with preparing to build up my aptitudes in the work environment. It is likewise essential to function as a component of a group, passing on abilities where vital (for example to new staff individuals) and picking up criticism from partners. Great relational abilities are basic between colleagues and different callings engaged with the consideration of the administration client as this empowers progression of care. b) Failing to do the necessities of my job by not following strategies, methodology and enactment and not conforming to administrative bodies imperils the wellbeing and prosperity of administration clients and may put other colleagues in danger. Not following manual dealing with systems, for instance, would put me and the administration client in danger of injury and not wearing individual defensive equipmentâ when vital may put me and others in danger of disease. Poor practice may likewise bring about objections from administration clients, disciplinary activity and in serious cases it might prompt me losing my employment, being indicted or potentially kept from working in the wellbeing and social consideration setting. Bviii As a Community Home Carer I should follow best practice inside my work job and work to the organization approaches and systems that reflect laws and enactment. There are additionally outer components which impact the principles that I should hold fast to in my work, for example, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) fundamental gauges, Skills for Care’s Common Induction Standards (CIS) which are the guidelines individuals working in wellbeing social consideration need to meet before they can securely work solo (for example manual dealing with, emergency treatment, wellbeing and security preparing), the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) codes of training and ADASS’ ‘Safeguarding Adults: A National Framework of Standards for good practice and results in grown-up insurance work’, which sets out a system of best practice gauges. Government activities additionally have an impact on the jobs of carers, for example, ‘Our Care, Our Health Our Say’ which defines out arrangement objectives to make wellbeing and social consideration benefits that are planned around the patient as opposed to the requirements of the patient being compelled to fit around the administration previously gave. ‘Putting People First’ additionally focuses on a customized way to deal with the conveyance of grown-up social consideration. Bix a) Two diverse delegate bodies which impact my zone of work are the consideration quality commission and the wellbeing and care callings chamber. b) The job of the consideration quality commission (CQC) is to control, investigate and survey all grown-up wellbeing and social consideration benefits in people in general, private

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Forgiveness Essays - Virtue, Emotions, Forgiveness, Mythology

Absolution Absolution, What would it be able to do? by Jennifer Loeffler Almost every individual on the earth holds resentment or feeling within the person in question self that destroys them. The sentiment of question, hurt, and outrage wrapped into one ball. This may appear to be very recognizable, anyway not one individual can preclude holding one from securing these emotions sooner or later in time. Of the considerable number of ailments and ailments this torment all the individuals of the world. I'm discussing the feelings we hold inside until we pardon the person who had caused torment on our life. What amount can an individual excuse? This is simply the inquiry that we as a whole should pose to ourselves. This is the inquiry that Mitchell Wright needed to pose to himself. We as a whole review the occasion that occurred on March 34 of a year ago (1998). That was the day that two center school young men chose to play expert marksman. Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden executed four of their cohorts and one instructor, Mrs. Wright. Four families lost a youngster and one child lost his mom. Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden pulled the alarm to bait the understudies and educators outside, they intended to shoot over the leaders of their colleagues and instructors, anyway that is a long way from what it appeared. In spite of the fact that the two young men cried that they just intended to just give understudies and educators an alarm, they discharged 22 shots. Five shots, discharged by Johnson, straightforwardly hit one understudy in the head, two young ladies in the knee zone, and Mrs. Wright in the chest and knee zone. This didn't and right up 'til the present time doesn't feel or resemble a joke. So by what means can those families go on? How is Mitchell Wright going to disclose to his child how why is mother is no more? In particular, in what manner will those two young men be excused for ending the lives of five cherished and adoring individuals? The response to these is in single word, pardoning. This word hold significantly more than the words, I excuse you, I'm grieved, rather they include coming to in to the base of your central core, and showdown. These two may not appear to go together yet more than we understand, they do. Research and offices have been made and worked to contemplate the impacts that generous and not excusing have on individuals. Everett Worthington is the chief of the Templeton Foundation Campaign for Forgiveness Research. Worthington is an analyst in Virginia who considers the physiological impacts of pardoning among chimpanzees and on the beat and sweat organs of people. Envision sitting in a seat with anodes adhered to your head, a tone plays in the back round and a memory rings a bell, one that you hold resentment for, and you start to act it out. Another tone plays and a wonderful memory of sympathizing to mind. For 16 seconds you practice every memory that is welcomed on by an alternate tone, while your pulse and circulatory strain are continually estimated. This is the thing that would occur if you somehow happened to chip in at the examination offices at Templeton. The individuals who volunteered were dependent upon this testing, and for some, it was an exercise to discover that they have to pardon. The aftereffects of the heart ate and circulatory strain indicated hearty contrasts between those recollections that were attached to resentment versus those that were tied with absolution. This was to be expected to a few yet for other people, it was an affront. Robert Enright, a couple of years prior, destroyed that pardoning had any impact on wellbeing. He was cited as saying, 'Just weaklings pardon'. Enright is a brain research at the University of Wisconsin, presently says that they 'are truly on a roll'. With the outcomes demonstrating that the feeling of anxiety was fundamentally higher when an individual thought about retribution. In spite of the fact that the individual may giggle and joke about such and occasion inside the signs show that it is hurtful if enough is persevered. So what does this have to do with Mitchell Wright? Mitchell Wright is confronted with a difficult issue. With his better half killed by two little fellows, and a child asking when she is going to

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Blog Archive MBA News Increase in Social, Ethical Issues Taught in B-School

Blog Archive MBA News Increase in Social, Ethical Issues Taught in B-School The Aspen Institute released its biennial survey and alternative business school ranking  (Beyond Grey Pinstripes) yesterday, revealing that more and more MBA programs are teaching students about social, ethical and environmental issues. The 2011 ranking surveyed 149 schools in 22 countries, analyzing courses and faculty research, ultimately naming Stanford the program that is best preparing students to meet future business challenges relating to social, ethical and environmental issues. Stanford, and other top-ranked schoolsâ€"including York University, IE University, Notre Dame and Yale, which round out the top fiveâ€"have offered an increasing number of courses dealing with the relationship between business and the environment and entrepreneurship and the alleviation of societal problems, as well as faculty research on topics such as the recession and climate change. According to Judith Samuelson, executive director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, “business schools have raised the bar, though, undoubtedly, more can still be done. Share ThisTweet News

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An Object in Java Represents a Real-World Object

An object in Java  Ã¢â‚¬â€ and any other object-oriented language  Ã¢â‚¬â€ is the basic building block of all Java applications and represents any real-world object you might find around you: an apple, a cat, a car or a human. The two characteristics that an object always has are state and behavior. Consider a person object. Its state might include hair color, sex, height, and weight, but also feelings of anger, frustration or love. Its behavior could include walking, sleeping, cooking, working, or anything else that a person might do. Objects form the very core of any object-oriented programming language. What is Object Oriented Programming? Hundreds of books have been written to describe the intricacies of object-oriented programming, but basically, OOP is based on a holistic approach emphasizing  re-use and inheritance, which streamlines development time.  More traditional procedural languages, such as Fortran, COBOL, and C, take a top-down approach, breaking down the task or problem into a logical, orderly series of functions. For example, consider a simple ATM application used by a bank. Before writing any code, a Java developer first will create a roadmap or plan on how to proceed, usually beginning with a list of all the objects that need to be created and how they will interact. Developers may use a class diagram to clarify the relationships between objects. Objects required for use in an ATM transaction might be Money, Card, Balance, Receipt, Withdrawal, Deposit and so on.  These objects need to work together to complete the transaction: making a deposit should result in a balance report and perhaps a receipt, for instance. Objects will pass messages between them in order to get things done. Objects and Classes An object is an instance of a class: here is the crux of object-oriented programming and the idea of re-use. Before an object can exist, a class on which it can be based must exist.   Perhaps we want a book object: to be precise, we want the book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We first need to create a class Book. This class could be the basis for any book in the world. It might look something like this: public class Book {String title;String author;   //methodspublic String getTitle({return title;}public void setTitle(){return title;}public int getAuthor(){return author;}   Ã‚  public int setAuthor(){return author;}// etc.} The class Book has a title and an author with methods that allow you to set or get either of these items (it would have more elements as well, but this example is just an excerpt). But this is not yet an object  Ã¢â‚¬â€ a Java application cant yet do anything with it.  It needs to be instantiated to become an object that can be used.   Creating an Object The relationship between an object and a class  is such that many objects can be created using one class. Each object has its own data but its underlying structure (i.e., the type of data it stores and  its behaviors) are defined by the class. We can create several objects from a book class. Each object is called an instance of the class. Book HitchHiker new Book(The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams);Book ShortHistory new Book(A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson);Book IceStation new Book(Ice Station Zebra, Alistair MacLean); These three objects can now be used: they can be read, purchased, borrowed or shared.

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A critique of a work of Art Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Thus, this is the only part of the drawing which is not rounded. The texture of the drawing is such that Da Vinci depicts the actual texture of the fetus in the womb, which would be soft and pliable, through his use of light, color and darkness. Da Vinci was the first artist to describe how the use of light and dark can portray three-dimensional figures, as this figure is (Mamassian, 1998, p. 288). The inside of the womb, which would have a soft texture is portrayed softly as well, and Da Vinci designs his linear formations to reflect this. The flesh of the baby, which would also be soft, but, perhaps, not as spongy as the inside of the womb, is depicted by the use of lines, the light and the dark contrasting to show the softness of the flesh. These lines denote the pliability of the flesh. The value of the artwork also depicts the texture of the subject matter, as the light and the dark are entirely used to depict the texture of the womb and the fetus. We will write a custom essay sample on A critique of a work of Art or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The color of the drawing is varying shades of black and grey, with the grey portions of the drawing depicting the light of the drawing, and the black depicting the dark of the drawing. As for the balance of the drawing, it is slightly off balance, in that the right side of the drawing is more pronounced than the left side. The right side has the largest part of the womb and the fetus inside. The left side, on the other hand, only contains a small part of the womb and the blood vessels that line this part of the womb. Therefore, the point of emphasis is clearly on the right side of the painting, in particular the round head of the baby. The eye is clearly drawn to this part of the drawing. The harmony of the drawing is such that it is slightly inharmonious because of the emphasis on the right side of the painting, as opposed to the left side. That said, the overall effect of the drawing denotes harmony, as the drawing is pleasing to the eye, and the light and the dark are in harmony in that neither the light nor the dark overwhelm the other. In other words, the drawing is 50% light and 50% dark, which gives the drawing a very harmonious feel. Thus, the use of co ntrast also contributes to the harmony of the drawing. The contrasts are used to depict the texture of the object, and the body is equal contrasts of light and dark. The womb is more dark than light, but the contrasts are used to depict the three dimension of the womb. The outside of the womb is almost all light towards the top, and dark towards the bottom.

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Journal of My Two Live - 704 Words

Reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s essay, My Two Live, I got that the author, as an Indian-American, tried to define herself throughout her whole life. The changing of her feeling for her identity and the death of her parents and her bicultural experience changed her feeling for her identity from humiliating to confusing to accepting to cherishing. Lahiri wanted convey us that the bicultural things can be seen as a shifting equation and she used â€Å"one plus one† for instances. Basically, I agree with her notion. However, in my opinion, the result of the equation is not just zero or two. It should be equal three or even bigger, when you really understand your great nation, United State of America. In one hand, I think most of people would very easy†¦show more content†¦When persevering and enduring hardship, which comes from his family, meets critical and innovative coming from his American part, my cousin got an achievement. I think that beyond what one plus one equal two can include. So far, he hope his children can be teach by Chinese culture or even study in China someday, even if his wife is a White. I am not sure if this example reasonable, but this is what I really want to tell.Show MoreRelatedCommunication And Non Verbal Communication Essay1209 Words   |  5 Pageswith individuals within our diverse nation. Furthermore, my level of communication has altered throughout this class. I think about how my thoughts will affect individuals before I verbally express gratitude about a situation. I acknowledged how Models of Communication, Perception, Listening, Verbal Communication and Non-verbal communication has impacted our daily lives. Although we spent 6 long we eks expressing our feeling in these journal entries; however, they have given us a clear understandingRead MoreCharles Wright Mills And The American Sociological Review Essay934 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen published in the two leading sociology journals in the United States, the American Journal of Sociology and the American Sociological Review. After his bachelors degree, he pursued his Ph.D at the University of Wisconsin in 1941. During his time in Wisconsin, he met his wife, Dorothy Helen Smith. While he went to school, Dorothy worked and supported the two of them until he obtained his Ph D. During his years at Wisconsin, Mills began contributing well known â€Å"journals of sociology† and opinionatedRead MoreThe Birth Of The Internet Has Made Our Lives Easier962 Words   |  4 PagesThe birth of the Internet has made our lives easier. Instead of having to read a thick book to find basic answers, we go online. Finding information is just a click away. In many cases, techn ology has been a blessing; however, we have lose the tactile way of learning. Some people, like me, learn through touch. When we went to the special collection center, I touched and smelled the books. They had a historical odor to them, unlike the books today. The pages of the antique books were thick and madeRead MoreComparing Two Men And Women1281 Words   |  6 PagesTwo men and two women each live on a street in their own separate house. The men named Demetrius and Lysander live on one side while the women Helena and Hermia live on the other. Amongst the group, the men and women are too shy to talk to each other as romantic entanglements have made things unpleasant. The only way they choose to communicate with each other now is through the use of letters. This is where Puck comes in; Puck works for the local courier company and has a mutual relationship withRead MoreImpact Of Deforestation On The Amazon Rainforest Of Brazil, South America, Impact The Environment?1493 Words    |  6 Pagesmuch concern about the problem and for the future of the Earth. There were different research processes used to discover new information about the problems in the Amazon rainforest such as, an interview with a person who currently lives in Brazil, annotating books, journals, internet research and surveys. These helped me find reliable, credible information and helped me decide when information found was not true. The research was presented as a scientific report. This allowed the findings to be presentedRead MoreThe Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children1548 Words   |  7 PagesMikele J. King Medaille College Abstract The current divorce rate suggests that one out of every two marriages will end in divorce. This paper is a critical literature review that explores the hypothesis that divorce has detrimental effects on children. Six different risks have been suggested to cause the differences in an increased need for help between divorced family children and two-parent family children: parental loss, economic loss, more life stress, poor parental adjustment, lack ofRead MoreFood Intake Paper997 Words   |  4 Pagestheir daily lives. Food intake is regulated by the complex interaction of psychological and physiological events associated with ingestion. While the energy content of foods has an important role in determining the amount eaten, a number of other properties of foods also may be important. These include palatability, macronutrient composition, and form of the food for example solid vs. liquid, how it is prepared, and its energy density. After reviewing my iProfile Journal it has come to my senses thatRead MoreKeeping A Dialectic Journal Extremely Mind Opening882 Words   |  4 PagesI found this experience of keeping a dialectic journal extremely mind opening. I had been keeping a journal for a few weeks before this assignment began. For those who may not know a dialectic journal is when for a set number of days a person free writes for a set amount of time, and then for an equal number or days responds to what they wrote. My focus was supposed to be a tomato, but I quickly realized that the tomato was only there to begin the conversation. I have always been a person who isRead MoreConsumption Journal1572 Words   |  7 PagesCommunicating Consumer Behavior - An Exercise Using Personal Consumption Journals In consumer behavior, it is vital that upon completion of the course students have acquired a sound understanding of how consumers search for, purchase, and use products and services. Furthermore, students should also be exposed to the social and psychological influences on these behaviors. Finally, to have garnered the most benefit, students should understand how to integrate the theoretical concepts into their realRead MoreArticle Analysis and Research on Marriage Essay765 Words   |  4 Pagesextracted from the HINTS dataset. The researchers who studying this dataset I will be using gathered the dataset through surveys of questionnaires. The two variables used in this paper will be â€Å"What is your marital status? Would you say†¦Ã¢â‚¬  and â€Å"During the past 30 days, how often did you feel so sad that nothing could cheer you up?† I picked these two variable because as a sociology major, I am very interested in how society as a whole works, living in a society where marriage is encouraged and staying

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How did Golkar Contribute to the New Order

Question: Discuss about the Report for How did Golkar Contribute to the New Order. Answer: Indonesia was one such country which was under the dictatorship of one person for more than thirty years named Suharto until he left the chair in the year 1998 which marked a very important reform for the country. This marked the introduction of the democratic type of politics which was for the people, by the people and of the people. It emphasized upon casting the power to the various states rather than concentrating it to the centre thus focussing upon decentralization of power. Post stepping down of Suharto from the power, Golkar was one such political party which emerged as the strongest in Indonesia amongst the others[1]. The New Order came into action in the year 1966 when Indonesias first president ended up endangering the economic scenario of the country by cutting off all its ties with the West. It is Suharto New Order Government which proposed to bring a reform into the existing political system by ensuring it to reunite again by joining hands with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations and the World Bank. He further moved towards cutting down of inflation and concentrated his efforts towards recovery of the economy of Indonesia which had almost died. Within two years, Suharto succeeded in ensuring price stability, investments in big lots thus ensuring that the economy resulted in double digit. The New Order concentrated more towards bringing stability in the economic conditions of the country. The export had also seen significant rise. However the economy had again suffered during the fall of the price of oil which it eradicated by concentrating upon exports and introducing a new law for taxing non-oil products and deregularizing the banks. However everything that seemed to be perfect with the New Order has its own negativities to address. The biggest problem which the citizens faced was that Suharto missed the human touch in its rule. Gradually it became more of an autocratic kind of a party wherein even though the poverty level had reduced significantly yet the people were not allowed to raise their voices. They were not involved into any political or economical decision and hence if anybody even tried to raise their voices were subdued by Suharto by introducing unacceptable restrictions. Fortunately the country fought to come out of the shackles of Suharto after three decades[2]. The Golkar party which existed then also, gradually became powerful as its infrastructural background of the party, its decisional self sufficiency and the relation which the party has maintained with the masses is remarkably noticeable. Due to more cohesive structuralisation, Golkar is ranked above available alternatives. However due to some glitches in its structure the party failed to achieve expected results in its general elections in the year 2004. It came as a surprise to the Indonesian politics that Golkar although couldnt continue with the unreal support which it had got during the New Order, yet it did not fade away with the situations and chose not to be a part of the pages of political history of Indonesia. It rose and fought and managed to grab a share of 22 percent during the first post-Suharto elections held in the year 1999 securing a second position. After the same the party did not sit back and rather chose to become one of the most sought after political groups of the country by adhering to various parliamentary rules and regional elections. [3] The Golkar party however was a major participant of all elections that have been held in Indonesia till date. Even though it failed to gain the advantages which other political parties had got with regards election campaigns but the very motto of ensuring stability, security and development of the country made it popular amongst the masses which is very similar to what was proposed by Suhartos New Order. Suharto had supported the oligarchs and the business men and helped them to grow large and the Golkar party also helped in the survival of the oligarchies[4]. On 16th May 2016, the Golkar Party came to power at least for the next five years which is the beginning of a new era from the institutional view point. This party is a united one who knows how to deal with internal frictions with ease. It won the elections with more than fifty percent votes. Indonesia saw the democracy prevalent between the parties as well through which pervasive influences were shown prior to and following the 2014 presidential elections. The political scenario was very dynamic in Indonesia, even then the elections were performed in a fair and more transparent manner. There was professionalism in the election campaigns conducted[5]. There are two pragmatic concepts which explain the survival of the New Order and the contribution made by Golkar Party for the same. First and foremost is how well the Golkar Party succeeded in cementing the fragments that were there within the party by embracing the situations and easing down the fire and appreciating the work and efforts of the losers of the 2014 presidential elections However the victory of Setya Novanto clearly talks about the strengthening of the oligarchic system internally as well as externally[6]. The new leader has been noticed to act as a political agent who acts as a linkage between the interest of the businessmen with that of the government in power. Before Setya was associated with Golkar as a politician, he has been known as a business man. It has also been found that the new oligarch was the man behind the allocation of business projects by utilization the National Budget of the country. He was earlier the treasurer of the party for nearly twenty years which shows a clear cut evidence of his oligarchic associations. He has used his power to mint in money for the partys benefit as well as for boosting up his own political career[7]. Secondly, after the fall of the Suharto party the concept of board of patrons was prohibited in total which the Golkar Party is seen reinstating the same. Further the Party agreed that the same should be led by Aburizal as the head of the board of patrons. This was one of the striking notions adopted by the congress after Setya won the election which clearly shows its contribution to the survival of the New Order. It is the responsibility of both the board of patrons as well as the central executive board- one led by the business man and the other by the political leader cum business man to nominate candidates for the legislative as well as executive houses. Unlike the Suharto reign where due to autocratic rule, Suharto was the sole person who had the power to take decisions until its decline in the year 1998 under the New Order, the present Golkar party do not have the veto to dissolve the central executive board. Thus it exists only for its name but the entire power has been vested into the hands of Aburizal- the business tycoon who has the authority to drive the politics between Golkar and the other political parties and the economic bodies [8]. The tycoon was eyeing at the chairmanship of the Party and had even invested huge sums in the Party but however could not procure nomination for the presidents seat. However via this method he presumes that he would be able to get back his power, money as well as good luck of winning the general elections in the next term. This clearly proves that Indonesia can never be divorced from the political parties who are being commandeered by these oligarchs [9]. Therefore after the re-introduction of the board of patrons it became very clear that the entire political system and the policies will be driven by these business magnates so that they can benefit by driving the policies in their favour. This clearly shows that Golkars picturesque view of democracy was more of a dream[10]. Thus on summarizing the contributions made by the Golkar Party for the survival of the New Order, it is very evident that democracy can never exist in Indonesia. The political wheels of the country were always driven by the business houses and are still driven by them. The only difference is that Suhartos era saw sole authority of him and he never allowed the rise of anybody else. However in the said case the contribution may be short lived in nature as the method of choosing the leader of Indonesia has shifted its base to a more democratic style. Thus in order to win in the next elections the Party will have to rethink about its present scenario. The representation style has changed from the past but the outcome remains the same. References: (2016). Golkar Party to support Indonesian President Joko Widodos government. Available at : [Accessed 16th August 2016] Budi, A. (2016). Golkar Party and the survival of oligarchy. Available at: [Accessed 16th August 2016] Dewi, E.A. (2016). Golkar to collect billions from each chairman candidate. Available At : [Accessed 16th August 2016] Heriyanto, D. (2016). Q A: Sink or sail? Whats ahead for the Golkar ship under diehard captain Setya Noanto?. Available at : [Accessed 16th August 2016] (2016). 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